Autopilot My Business!

Autopilot my business is a blog that I created describing just some of the ways that I have tried to market my business and get some more customers coming through my doors. This not only includes the business that I currently have, but some of the businesses that I used to have in the past that I have now sold off. There are so many different options when it comes to marketing your business and yourself, and there are varying degrees of success on so many factors, that I am not here to tell you what you could do to market your own business. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest copying or using any of the techniques or methods that I have used myself, despite how successful they may have been. The truth is, most of the marketing strategies that I have deployed have only really been successful due to the timing happening to be perfect more than anything else.

Truthfully, there isn’t even a good marketing strategy or any tricks that I could teach you to begin with. Most customers I have managed to get through the years has been due to complete luck more than anything else. I have spent so many years doing any little thing I can to drive customers into my companies. A few years before computers came about and the internet became popular to search for local services or products, I used to go down to the local print shop to spend a bucket load of money to create 200 flyers that were poorly designed by myself. I would then take all the leaflets and flyers that I had printed off and go home to home dropping the flyers into mail boxes, or I would take them to the local libraries and corner shops asking them to put it on their window or their wooden boards on a pin. To this day, I don’t know if this launched my business at all or it was a massive waste of money. And that theory is true no matter what marketing you do.

Even when the internet first became popular, many would enter their website or their products into online and local directories to advertise their pages because many people would go onto the pages to look for services. I remember Yahoo specifically being used by so many companies and business owners that I knew who would post their company details onto there in hopes of getting customers. I never tried that tactic myself, so I am still interested to know if it worked or not. What I had used where the Yahoo chatrooms to post my company details on, because many of the people on the chatrooms were people in the local area that I knew would need my services.

When the internet first became popular, it was cool just to have your own website, and became a face to face marketing tool. You would create a website that you would never really use and put it on your business card to give to people and it gave you some legitimacy. With websites these days, you can fill in forms that go directly into your email and you can go into complete detail about every product and service and even have galleries dedicated to those services. But before, none of that was a possibility. Your website was just used to give you a bit of legitimacy and bragging rights against other companies in the area since it made you look “bigger”.

Edit: I have just made a great post about past marketing techniques, and I would advise checking it out if you liked this post!