Direct Marketing

One of the biggest tools that I managed to use in my disposal to help grow business and attract customers was simply to take advantage of direct marketing through door to door marketing. This may sound like simply posting flyers through letterboxes, and in a large way that is all that door to door marketing consists of. However, there are ways to do so and be smart about it. One thing that many people are afraid of when it comes to door to door marketing is being confronted by the home or property owner of the property you are posting flyers through. However, if you are a decent sales person or you are passionate and believe in what you are selling, this is a blessing in disguise. Rather than a potential new customer simply reading a few buzzwords and a description on paper, you not have the opportunity to have an in-depth chat about your product or service with the home owner instead. If they are interested, this is the perfect opportunity to make a sale or warm a lead.

The other types of direct marketing when it comes to door to door marketing and sales is the benefit of interacting with business owners within the area. Without trying to sound elitist or presumptuous, if you are in direct contact with a business owner or store manager, the changes are they make a higher income than those who are simply on the checkout desk or sales within the store. This means that not only are you in contact with a higher income earner, but you are also in contact with the management of that store, giving you an opportunity to not only sell something to them, but through them to the other employees of their work place by both word of mouth or through an initiative scheme. This is more applicable when considering an office space or a high-ticket item such as a real estate office, but it can be just as useful in a supermarket.

Another good part about direct marketing pitches is the suitability it can have for word of mouth marketing. Since they are both done in the same sense practically, the only outstanding difference is that with word of mouth marketing and direct marketing is that word of mouth is created by those who are loyal or disloyal to your product, but they follow the same pattern inside. With direct marketing, you can be loyal to your own product while also being able to sympathise and relate to your potential customer. It provides a conversation and dialogue with your potential customer, making it slightly easier to persuade them into purchasing your product or thinking of your service. You can also use loyal customers to spread awareness into your product and hopefully you would reap the rewards by gaining a few customers from them also.

I cannot say for sure if direct marketing is still just as powerful as it was even just a few years ago, but what I do believe is that if you have a product or service that is both affordable and genuinely useful to those who you would pitch to, direct marketing always works best. It creates a back and forth, allowing you to answer any questions the customer may have while also providing a genuine face behind the company. Thank you for reading, please make sure to check out past and future blog posts I will be making!