Electronic Marketing

While I have had some luck when it comes to marketing, I will say there are a few things that I had incredibly bad luck and return of investment in. One of the biggest mistakes when it came to marketing was when I decided to invest somewhat in to electronic marketing. Some of this could also be considered as direct marketing, but they are still relatively weak compared to other options. These are a few mistakes that you should try to make sure you do not make when it comes to the future and looking back I wish I did not spend the amount of time, money and resources into many of these potential marketing methods as I do not think they helped me out at all.

One of the biggest money and time sinks that you could make that you would always be convinced is a good idea is T.V. adverts and marketing. Many assume that if you are a business, you should invest as much as you can into T.V. marketing because the old saying is that “there is always someone watching”. But this isn’t entirely true when you take into consideration just how much it costs to pay for advertising, and if those potential viewers are even interested in the service or products that you are trying to sell. If you are selling nail filers, then advertising your products while your key viewers are football or fighting fans doesn’t mean anything despite how many may be watching.

The issue with the marketing to begin with is the lack of control over who will be watching and interested in your product. If you know of a specific show whose viewers will be interested in your product, then you can assume that you will have to pay hand over fist if the time slot seller is aware of this information. This is a sad but easily overlooked fact when it comes to marketing in general. If the person who is selling this potential marketing is clear of what you want or need to make the most out of your product and the advertising aspect, then you should automatically assume that you will be paying as much as possible to get access to that advertising.

Another thing that I have noticed to be a somewhat expensive investment for the lack of return in investment was Twitter marketing. Twitter marketing is something that isn’t so expensive that you would have to spend your company coffers just to do, but I could not understand the actual benefit of it. You can hire someone to manage your social media profiles and you can even pay to have some advertising on twitter itself, but from doing both I could never see a meaningful impact upon the business. It is possible that I hired someone who was not as qualified for the job than I thought, but it just meant very little that I regret putting any money into it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. While these experiences may not match many other experiences, but these are just some of the issues that I had to face when trying to market my own business the correct way. I never found any of these tools to be a useful way to market my own company. I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, and please make sure to check out some future blog posts too!