Past marketing options

One marketing tool that I really enjoyed getting to use and learning how to make the most of was the use of multiple directories and especially a thing called Google AdWords. However, I felt that the best time to take advantage of either of these products were during its first phases. While AdWords is something that is still used frequently to this day, it was better when it was first released. AdWords is now incredibly expensive to use as opposed to when it was first released, and many people to not look at directories the way that they used to before the internet and the many company directories and logs that now exist.

Before the internet existed and you could plaster your website and company information everywhere on the web, the main way people would be able to find a plumber or gardener, or many other businesses would have been through looking at multiple directories. One of the biggest directories that people would always use was the Yellow Pages. Whatever city you lived in, the Yellow pages would have a large list of company directories for businesses within a certain industry. Despite where you may be within the city, you would be able to find a carpenter or a plumber or anything else you may need somewhere near you. They would also provide all information that would be necessary from phone numbers to the address of the building itself.

Google AdWords on the other hand was a very good initiative for smaller to medium sized businesses when it first came out. When it was first released it wasn’t based on cost per click but rather a flat fee of payment towards where you want to be advertised and what you wanted to be advertised for. After a while, it became cost per click, and what many did not realise is just how many people would abuse the “cost” system. Many competitors would click your adverts whenever they could, costing you fortunes. Since there was no way to track who was clicking onto your advert, it started to become an issue for many business owners that we couldn’t fight against. We did the best that we could and unfortunately, we had to take a few hits to ensure that we could still get as many customers from it all as possible.

I used AdWords on one website and check out for yourself how well it has done! The site is

As bad as Google AdWords can be for many customers who cannot afford to pay for it, there are just as many good things about AdWords too. For example, they give you a geographical target, allowing you to only be found in specific cities or locations around the world. They have now refined the system, so you only pay for real clicks rather than the fake clicks. With so many people who are now using the internet and Google to find new businesses, AdWords is becoming that much more useful for smaller and medium sized businesses to get new customers. It can be useful if you are able to budget wisely.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. These are just some of the things that I have been able to learn over the years of advertising for my business. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and make sure to check out some more blog posts of the past and future!