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Over the last few years I have tried everything I could to market my business, but truthfully the best thing I could do for my own business was to just make sure all products and services were as good as possible. Trying to generate and retain customers as fast as possible doesn’t mean anything if those same customers would not stay loyal to your brand and continue their custom with you. While this may sound obvious to everyone, it can be so easy for someone to take their product or service for granted. They assume that customers will be happy with whatever you give them, but that isn’t the case. You need to keep improving and innovating on your product or service to make sure it is the best the customer can get.

Today I wanted to do something a bit different. I will be away for work for a little bit and I want all my readers to leave a comment and tell me any problems or issues they are having with advertisements or marketing that their company is currently going through. I also want anyone who is currently considering marketing or advertising their business that may have any questions or doubts to leave a comment and ask me what they think about their potential advertising.

I realise that anything I may say or do in terms of my blog may not actually help since it could be inapplicable to you. So, if you have any specific questions or inquiries I would love for you to leave them here and I can give you some advice or tips!

I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be checking in with you all soon!

Past marketing options

One marketing tool that I really enjoyed getting to use and learning how to make the most of was the use of multiple directories and especially a thing called Google AdWords. However, I felt that the best time to take advantage of either of these products were during its first phases. While AdWords is something that is still used frequently to this day, it was better when it was first released. AdWords is now incredibly expensive to use as opposed to when it was first released, and many people to not look at directories the way that they used to before the internet and the many company directories and logs that now exist.

Before the internet existed and you could plaster your website and company information everywhere on the web, the main way people would be able to find a plumber or gardener, or many other businesses would have been through looking at multiple directories. One of the biggest directories that people would always use was the Yellow Pages. Whatever city you lived in, the Yellow pages would have a large list of company directories for businesses within a certain industry. Despite where you may be within the city, you would be able to find a carpenter or a plumber or anything else you may need somewhere near you. They would also provide all information that would be necessary from phone numbers to the address of the building itself.

Google AdWords on the other hand was a very good initiative for smaller to medium sized businesses when it first came out. When it was first released it wasn’t based on cost per click but rather a flat fee of payment towards where you want to be advertised and what you wanted to be advertised for. After a while, it became cost per click, and what many did not realise is just how many people would abuse the “cost” system. Many competitors would click your adverts whenever they could, costing you fortunes. Since there was no way to track who was clicking onto your advert, it started to become an issue for many business owners that we couldn’t fight against. We did the best that we could and unfortunately, we had to take a few hits to ensure that we could still get as many customers from it all as possible.

I used AdWords on one website and check out for yourself how well it has done! The site is

As bad as Google AdWords can be for many customers who cannot afford to pay for it, there are just as many good things about AdWords too. For example, they give you a geographical target, allowing you to only be found in specific cities or locations around the world. They have now refined the system, so you only pay for real clicks rather than the fake clicks. With so many people who are now using the internet and Google to find new businesses, AdWords is becoming that much more useful for smaller and medium sized businesses to get new customers. It can be useful if you are able to budget wisely.

Thank you for reading today’s blog post. These are just some of the things that I have been able to learn over the years of advertising for my business. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and make sure to check out some more blog posts of the past and future!

Electronic Marketing

While I have had some luck when it comes to marketing, I will say there are a few things that I had incredibly bad luck and return of investment in. One of the biggest mistakes when it came to marketing was when I decided to invest somewhat in to electronic marketing. Some of this could also be considered as direct marketing, but they are still relatively weak compared to other options. These are a few mistakes that you should try to make sure you do not make when it comes to the future and looking back I wish I did not spend the amount of time, money and resources into many of these potential marketing methods as I do not think they helped me out at all.

One of the biggest money and time sinks that you could make that you would always be convinced is a good idea is T.V. adverts and marketing. Many assume that if you are a business, you should invest as much as you can into T.V. marketing because the old saying is that “there is always someone watching”. But this isn’t entirely true when you take into consideration just how much it costs to pay for advertising, and if those potential viewers are even interested in the service or products that you are trying to sell. If you are selling nail filers, then advertising your products while your key viewers are football or fighting fans doesn’t mean anything despite how many may be watching.

The issue with the marketing to begin with is the lack of control over who will be watching and interested in your product. If you know of a specific show whose viewers will be interested in your product, then you can assume that you will have to pay hand over fist if the time slot seller is aware of this information. This is a sad but easily overlooked fact when it comes to marketing in general. If the person who is selling this potential marketing is clear of what you want or need to make the most out of your product and the advertising aspect, then you should automatically assume that you will be paying as much as possible to get access to that advertising.

Another thing that I have noticed to be a somewhat expensive investment for the lack of return in investment was Twitter marketing. Twitter marketing is something that isn’t so expensive that you would have to spend your company coffers just to do, but I could not understand the actual benefit of it. You can hire someone to manage your social media profiles and you can even pay to have some advertising on twitter itself, but from doing both I could never see a meaningful impact upon the business. It is possible that I hired someone who was not as qualified for the job than I thought, but it just meant very little that I regret putting any money into it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. While these experiences may not match many other experiences, but these are just some of the issues that I had to face when trying to market my own business the correct way. I never found any of these tools to be a useful way to market my own company. I hope you enjoyed todays blog post, and please make sure to check out some future blog posts too!

Direct Marketing

One of the biggest tools that I managed to use in my disposal to help grow business and attract customers was simply to take advantage of direct marketing through door to door marketing. This may sound like simply posting flyers through letterboxes, and in a large way that is all that door to door marketing consists of. However, there are ways to do so and be smart about it. One thing that many people are afraid of when it comes to door to door marketing is being confronted by the home or property owner of the property you are posting flyers through. However, if you are a decent sales person or you are passionate and believe in what you are selling, this is a blessing in disguise. Rather than a potential new customer simply reading a few buzzwords and a description on paper, you not have the opportunity to have an in-depth chat about your product or service with the home owner instead. If they are interested, this is the perfect opportunity to make a sale or warm a lead.

The other types of direct marketing when it comes to door to door marketing and sales is the benefit of interacting with business owners within the area. Without trying to sound elitist or presumptuous, if you are in direct contact with a business owner or store manager, the changes are they make a higher income than those who are simply on the checkout desk or sales within the store. This means that not only are you in contact with a higher income earner, but you are also in contact with the management of that store, giving you an opportunity to not only sell something to them, but through them to the other employees of their work place by both word of mouth or through an initiative scheme. This is more applicable when considering an office space or a high-ticket item such as a real estate office, but it can be just as useful in a supermarket.

Another good part about direct marketing pitches is the suitability it can have for word of mouth marketing. Since they are both done in the same sense practically, the only outstanding difference is that with word of mouth marketing and direct marketing is that word of mouth is created by those who are loyal or disloyal to your product, but they follow the same pattern inside. With direct marketing, you can be loyal to your own product while also being able to sympathise and relate to your potential customer. It provides a conversation and dialogue with your potential customer, making it slightly easier to persuade them into purchasing your product or thinking of your service. You can also use loyal customers to spread awareness into your product and hopefully you would reap the rewards by gaining a few customers from them also.

I cannot say for sure if direct marketing is still just as powerful as it was even just a few years ago, but what I do believe is that if you have a product or service that is both affordable and genuinely useful to those who you would pitch to, direct marketing always works best. It creates a back and forth, allowing you to answer any questions the customer may have while also providing a genuine face behind the company. Thank you for reading, please make sure to check out past and future blog posts I will be making!

Autopilot My Business!

Autopilot my business is a blog that I created describing just some of the ways that I have tried to market my business and get some more customers coming through my doors. This not only includes the business that I currently have, but some of the businesses that I used to have in the past that I have now sold off. There are so many different options when it comes to marketing your business and yourself, and there are varying degrees of success on so many factors, that I am not here to tell you what you could do to market your own business. In fact, I wouldn’t suggest copying or using any of the techniques or methods that I have used myself, despite how successful they may have been. The truth is, most of the marketing strategies that I have deployed have only really been successful due to the timing happening to be perfect more than anything else.

Truthfully, there isn’t even a good marketing strategy or any tricks that I could teach you to begin with. Most customers I have managed to get through the years has been due to complete luck more than anything else. I have spent so many years doing any little thing I can to drive customers into my companies. A few years before computers came about and the internet became popular to search for local services or products, I used to go down to the local print shop to spend a bucket load of money to create 200 flyers that were poorly designed by myself. I would then take all the leaflets and flyers that I had printed off and go home to home dropping the flyers into mail boxes, or I would take them to the local libraries and corner shops asking them to put it on their window or their wooden boards on a pin. To this day, I don’t know if this launched my business at all or it was a massive waste of money. And that theory is true no matter what marketing you do.

Even when the internet first became popular, many would enter their website or their products into online and local directories to advertise their pages because many people would go onto the pages to look for services. I remember Yahoo specifically being used by so many companies and business owners that I knew who would post their company details onto there in hopes of getting customers. I never tried that tactic myself, so I am still interested to know if it worked or not. What I had used where the Yahoo chatrooms to post my company details on, because many of the people on the chatrooms were people in the local area that I knew would need my services.

When the internet first became popular, it was cool just to have your own website, and became a face to face marketing tool. You would create a website that you would never really use and put it on your business card to give to people and it gave you some legitimacy. With websites these days, you can fill in forms that go directly into your email and you can go into complete detail about every product and service and even have galleries dedicated to those services. But before, none of that was a possibility. Your website was just used to give you a bit of legitimacy and bragging rights against other companies in the area since it made you look “bigger”.

Edit: I have just made a great post about past marketing techniques, and I would advise checking it out if you liked this post!